George Ezra reveals he has considered stepping out of the spotlight

Virgin Radio

15 Aug 2022, 11:27

George Ezra on stage

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He’s recently sold out a massive outdoor London show, has got a huge arena tour on the horizon, and his singles are surefire smash hits, yet George Ezra has admitted that he has been thinking about taking a step back from fame.

The singer-songwriter has said that he has considered walking away from the limelight when his upcoming tour winds up and he turns 30 next year. 

Speaking to the Daily Telegraph, George said: “This might be a conversation for another time, but I don't feel an urge or want to continue operating in the way we do at the minute. And that's not a rebellion, it's just how I feel.”

When speaking about the end of his tour next April, the hitmaking artist said: “Then it's festival season, then it's my 30th, and you think, 'Well, what an amazing decade. But don't kid yourself into thinking that's all life could be.'"

And when discussing what he might do if he does take a step back, he told the Daily Telegraph: “I think I'll always write and record music, I just don't know if it'll be as commercial. Or maybe it will be but I won't promote it much.”

Regarding the adulation he receives from his fans, George said: “I feel so detached from it. It's very hard to get your head around the fact it would be aimed at you. The memories people have with those songs have very little to do with me, they're with friends, family, holidays, kitchen discos.”

George released his new album, Gold Rush Kid, this June. He sat down with Eddy Temple-Morris at Virgin Radio to talk through it track-by-track.

Before George reaches a potential crossroads in his career, he’ll be hitting stages across the UK this autumn, starting in Liverpool on 13th September. He will then head to Cardiff the next day, and Manchester on the 16th.

George is then in Newcastle on the 20th, Birmingham on the 22nd, Aberdeen on 25th, and Glasgow on 25th September. 

Into October, the artist plays in Nottingham on the 1st, and closes that leg of his UK and Ireland tour the next day in Sheffield.

He then returns to play Belfast on 28th and Dublin on the 29th Sept, and then, next year, he will head back to Dublin on March 8th, before playing in Killarney on the 10th. After that, he will be back in London for a big gig at The O2 Arena on the 13th March.