Shania Twain would love to play Glastonbury's Legends slot

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8 Mar 2023, 17:24

Credit: Getty

Shania Twain says playing the Legends slot at Glastonbury is on her "wish list".

The 'Man, I Feel Like A Woman' star would love to play a set in the iconic section, previously played by the likes of Dolly Parton and Kylie Minogue.

The Icons slot is a special slot on the Pyramid Stage reserved for the biggest names in music history.

Cat Stevens/Yusef will play the slot.

Shania told NME: “It’s on my wish list – absolutely. So I’ll make sure I do that. It’s a legendary thing, I know, but it’s on my wish list."

Shania recently opened up about vocal surgery she had before working on her latest album.

The line-up was recently confirmed to include Sir Elton John, Arctic Monkeys and Guns N' Roses.

Glastonbury organiser Emily Eavis responded to criticism over the male headliners.

She said of Lizzo: "She could totally headline. Many of the artists could. But the headline slot had already been promised to someone else.”

Emily says there are two women scheduled to headline next year.

She said: “We’re trying our best so the pipeline needs to be developed. This starts way back with the record companies, radio. I can shout as loud as I like but we need to get everyone on board...

“It’s top of our agenda, and it probably makes it a bit harder because we’ve decided to make that important to us. To be honest, sometimes it’s easier to keep your head down.”