Ronnie O’Sullivan tells Chris Evans how new book Unbreakable was like 'a therapy session'

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11 May 2023, 13:31

Chris Evans with Ronnie O'Sullivan

Snooker legend Ronnie O’Sullivan is breaking down the lessons he’s learnt in his formidable career in his new book, Unbreakable. 

In the new tome, Ronnie writes about his 31-year career, from being a teenage snooker prodigy and winning titles within a year of turning professional to becoming the greatest snooker player of all time and breaking world records.

The sporting icon has previously written two autobiographies, as well as three crime novels and a cookery book. In his second autobiography, Running: The Autobiography, he details how his love for running helped him battle with addiction.

While on The Chris Evans Breakfast Show with cinch, Ronnie explained how the book came to be. 

“I put a lot of work into it,” he shared. “Obviously when you do a book, you want it to be authentic and people have got to read it, so we wanted to do the best job we and Tom did, we put our heart and soul into it.”

The Tom he’s referring to is sports journalist and co-writer Tom Fordyce, and Ronnie admitted their love of running helped to build the bond before sitting down to write. 

He said: “That was the deal breaker for me, like writing a book I just had to trust, he knew what he was doing.

“It's like he wanted to see snooker in the world through how I see it. I had to go through that sort of process of trying to…how do I feel? Because I don't normally think, it just comes instinctively. You have to obviously try and get in a good place. But usually, you just have to let it happen, so it was like a bit of a therapy session.”

Reaching a new stage in his snooker career, Ronnie admitted his love of the game, and his incredible talent, is beginning to outweighing his need to win. 

He explained: “I get a lot of pleasure out of life, don't get me wrong. Cooking and running and all that sort of stuff. But nothing compares to this, I’ll never be able to replace it because I'm never going to be as good at anything else as I have been at this. 

“I’ve taken this game to as high a place as I could take it and been better than pretty much everyone else that I've played against. It’s kind of a weird situation to be in, to be able to boss pretty much most of your games, and that's a good feeling.”

Within the pages of Unbreakable, Ronnie discusses his admiration for his fellow top players, including Stephen Hendry and Steve Davis, who recently gave him some very good advice. 

“I love the game,” Ronnie reiterated. “I phoned Steve up about six months ago, I said, ‘Steve, you're ahead of me in the game, but I’d just like to just cross-reference where I am. Am I doing alright, because sometimes I've switched off from it's all about the wins to I just love the game. Is that wrong?’

“I said, ‘I feel guilty sometimes for just enjoying the game, because I know it takes something away from being a winner. But if I tried to be a winner, I think I just wouldn't want to play anymore because it's too stressful at my age.’ He went, ‘you're doing the right thing. If you can just enjoy it and have fun.’”

Ronnie’s new book, Unbreakable, is out now.

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