Olivia Colman watched Tom Davis break the chocolate river on Wonka

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24 Nov 2023, 12:23

Comedian Tom Davis made the phrase 'breaking into Hollywood' quite literal while on the set of the latest adaptation Roald Dahl adaptation, Wonka, with stars such as Olivia Colman bearing witness.

Having made a name for himself on the comedy circuit and then television in UK, Tom Davis has also started to turn the heads of those in charge of the big screen and LA.

Recently, after having previously worked together on Paddington 2, director Paul King decided to cast Tom in his latest venture, the Timothée Chalamet fronted, Wonka.

Excited for the opportunity and keen to stay in the minds of big wig cast directors, Tom would have certainly wanted to stand out.

However, as he told Chris Evans on The Chris Evans Breakfast Show with cinch, Tom ended making more than a big impression on everyone and an iconic piece of scenery, oh yeah, and academy award winning actress Olivia Colman was there to see it all too.

Tom regaled the tale, saying: "They built all these amazing sets, they are incredible. Like you've never seen anything like it. essentially built the whole of Chocolateville, and they built like the chocolate river."

It while being given a tour of this elaborate set that the incident occurred, Tom continued: "They were showing us all around, and they'll show me an Olivia and I went 'Wow, this is incredible.' And I just sort of like walked onto the chocolate river and fell through it! Broke it.

"And Olivia went 'Oh my god! Tom's broken the chocolate river!' and I was like 'I thought you could stand on it.'"

Yet that wasn't the case and it had been built for a very specific person, he continued: "And they were like 'it's been built for Timothée Chalamet to later skip up, not you at 22 stone.' It was awful!"

Still in shock he finished out his story: "You never hit think you're gonna hear and your life '2-4, 2-4, Tom Davis has broken the chocolate river.' Broke it. Yeah. Awful. Having to walk around it apologise to everyone on set."

"That was quite good, my first day. All right. Yeah, and then for the rest of it sort of, because I wasn't one of the most known cast people, they all then knew me as the big guy who broke the chocolate river. I don't know how might even be my credit on the film."

Wonka is out in cinemas from the 8th December.

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