Cast explain why supporting Liam Gallagher on his Definitely Maybe tour is ‘massive for the band’

Virgin Radio

16 Feb 2024, 12:22

Cast visited Virgin Radio to play a brilliant LIVE set, and to talk about their new album and supporting Liam Gallagher on his upcoming tour. 

Love Is The Call is the Liverpool band’s seventh studio album and is out today (16th February). Cast are hitting the road for a tour next month before supporting Gallagher for his Definitely Maybe 30th anniversary arena shows in June. They were part of the bill during Oasis’s huge Knebworth shows in 1996.

Talking to Jayne Middlemiss - who is presenting the Chris Evans Breakfast Show with cinch this week - frontman John Power said: “Liam’s an iconic rock n roll singer and a great guy, and to be on that tour is amazing within itself. So to have a new album out would be massive for the band. But to have a new album out that sounds so fresh, and to get the best ticket in town on Liam's tour, they’re two massive things where we can really reconnect with people who have maybe forgotten about the band, but ‘look at what we did’. And a whole younger generation. So yeah, we're rockin’ and a rollin’.”

Cast’s debut album, All Change, came out in 1995. Speaking about the 90s, singer and guitarist John said: “The way that maybe young bands today look back to the 90s, the British guitar movement, great eclectic music from all genres, it's like the way we used to look at the 60s, because it’s 30 years ago now. So it's probably a very inspiring place to look back to if you're 18,19, 20 in a young band, and you look at this great movement of guitar-based music.” 

He added: “Can I remember much of it? Not that much, but lots of little highlights. I think if I had my time again, I would, you know, relax a bit and really enjoy it. Ride the wave to the shore. I think I got caught up in it all a bit."

On playing live these days, the vocalist described himself as “being like a conduit recently when I perform,” and explained: “I stop trying to impress, I stop trying to sing, I stop trying all those things. It's like a leap of faith where you just allow the songs to come through you. And that's something that I didn't quite understand when I was younger. But something that I very much understand now. And because of that, the classic songs that we've got, they feel like they're now and present when I'm singing them. I don't think to myself, ‘Oh, here's one of the oldies’. They just all feel fresh as a daisy to me.” 

He added: “It is a very wonderful place to be having all the experience that we've got and knowing to really appreciate it in the moment, and to be able to allow it to happen, not trying to force it to happen. When you're younger, you're always trying to see around the curve. I don’t want to see around the curve now. I'm just gonna roll around, around, around.”

The band played at Virgin Radio’s Valentine's Day party this week. Here’s what went down:

Watch all of Cast's amazing LIVE session for Virgin Radio here.

Love Is The Call is out today. Cast’s UK headline tour begins Friday 1st March. Tickets are available via

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