Kingsley Ben-Adir on starring as Malcolm X in new movie One Night in Miami 

Virgin Radio

7 Jan 2021, 12:01

The actor joined the Chris Evans Breakfast Show with Sky to talk about his new impressive role as the infamous character in the fictionalised drama directed by the first African-American woman, Regina King.

He said of showing another side to the character: “This Malcolm was going to be something very different, a Malcolm that we haven't seen before. 

“So much of that was to do with the vulnerability not just of him but of all of these men together. 

“This is Malcolm in private with his friends, sharing and laughing and discussing. So much of the Malcolm that we know is in the media and so often in response to the most hideous racial injustices.

“Often the clips that we have of Malcolm on YouTube are aways him in response to racist white America so this is a really interesting opportunity to show Malcolm as a dad, as a friend and as the kind, gentle human being that he was.”

Kingsley has played Barack Obama and started his career on stage at The Old Vic alongside Vanessa Redgrave and James Earl Jones. So does he feel like he’s graduated from the school of acting yet, joked Chris? 

The star said: “I'm just at the beginning of learning and so, so much of this job is just trying to survive and just trying to make a living and if you're lucky enough to get to think about the choice of character or type of job that you want to do, that's such a huge achievement.

"I feel like in the last few months... the material that's coming in is sort of changing slowly and getting better and the conversations with directors are starting to increase a little bit, but just in terms of acting and process, I definitely feel like I know just as much or just as little as I did ten years ago when I left drama school.”