Eddie Izzard on her marathon challenge and political ambitions

Virgin Radio

15 Jan 2021, 12:14

Eddie Izzard joined the Chris Evans Breakfast Show with Sky this morning to discuss her fitness feat, bidding to become an MP and her thoughts behind the gender-fluid conversation. 

The comedian joked to Chris: “I've been out for 35 years, so I've tried to let everyone climatise really slowly."

She continued: "I’m gender fluid so boy mode and girl mode. I didn’t push it, I was on Portrait Artist of the Year… I was the person sitting there and then three young artists were painting me asked what I’d like to be called. I said ‘I'm here in girl mode’.  I call it girl mode and boy mode, man and woman mode doesn't work.”

On her latest fitness challenge she said: “For 31 days, I run a marathon and then I go to do a gig. It's virtual because of Covid so it's on a treadmill… I run in Vienna or Berlin and after I've run my virtual marathon to Paris. I'm making it hard for myself. 

"I'm linking up with people around the world and I do a gig afterwards; if I'm running in Vienna or Berlin it’s in the German language and for Parisons in French, so I'm making it harder for myself but trying to raise money for Make Humanity Great Again.

“I want to be a member of parliament and the right of a fair chance in life should be the right of every person and that's what I'm fighting for and the money goes out to charities.

“A member of parliament is really where I want to be. I tried to get into the last election. If a by-election comes up, that's a good fit – I would go for that. If not, it would be the next election. But you know me, I'm kind of relentless. I'm not trying at this, I’m going for this, I'm like a Glenda Jackson. I'm going in and then sometime later I will come out of politics.

“The only way you can really affect change is inside politics, you can be an activist, you can put forward good thoughts, but if you want to change policy of the land and put laws in that make things fairer, you just have to be in that mix and I've believed that for sometime. It was over 10 years ago when I started saying I really wanted to go in and I'm quite serious about this."

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