Texas singer Sharleen Spiteri on their new single and growing old with gusto

Virgin Radio

15 Jan 2021, 12:52

The Scottish singer-songwriter joined the Chris Evans Breakfast Show with Sky to talk about the band's latest music, embracing ageing and her new love of pottery.

She told Chris what she's been up to: “Pretty much doing what everybody else has doing been doing; being very careful, staying at home… I haven't seen my band for a long time.

“We did a little bit of writing over the first lockdown, added some extra tracks and it's all finished and done and we're ready to roll."

Would she ever advise to be in a band? She said: “It's not a bad life, I have to tell you. I've been doing it for 35 years and I would say absolutely do it. But don't just form a band, be a songwriter."

What has she missed and gained over the pandemic? She said: "I'm just dying to be on stage and be in the room and play with the band.

“I think people have really reassessed their lives and who they want in their lives, the people that they love most and the people that want around them. Surely for me that can only be a good thing.

“I've discovered I absolutely want to learn to do pottery. I’ve been busy sewing, gardening, cross-stitching, doing a lot of cooking… and being at home with my daughter. I've never been here for this length of time continually."

The singer said on maturing like you mean it: “I always say to everybody you think you're a rebel and a bit punk when you're young, but you're not until you're old because that's the point where you really don't give a hoot.

"I don't need to be nice because when someone's been a bit off with you or whatever, you just get that moment where you can just turn around and walk away. It's fantastic. You 're not trying to keep everyone happy. You get a little bit ballsier as you get older for sure.”

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