Rob Beckett on England's euphoric win over Germany and the best night of his life

Virgin Radio

30 Jun 2021, 10:32

The comedian and England enthusiast joined the Chris Evans Breakfast Show with Sky to talk about watching England's extraordinary win over Germany at Wembley after getting a golden ticket, the glorious night - followed by a not-so-welcome hangover at the school gates.

He told Chris about the dream come true: “Every time I think of it I smile. It was half full, but it was the best atmosphere that I've ever been in at any sporting event.

"The year and a half people have had, it was such an amazing moment and to beat Germany at home was unbelievable. It's worth all the hangovers in the world.

“My mate comedian Lloyd Griffith sorted it all out on the UEFA app. We just got normal tickets. There was so much admin. We had to take our passports, we had to do a test.

"Then I put on my Euro ’96 top, jacket, bucket hat and then we jumped on the train, got there and soaked up the atmosphere.

"To be honest with you I can't remember a lot, but everyone of the country seems to know I’m hungover. 

"The school run was brutal. I got to the gate and the teacher went, Ooh Mr Beckett. I didn't think we'd see you this morning. I thought I was in trouble."

On being in the midst of it all at Wembley, he said: “The atmosphere in the first half was a bit tense, but we were quite relaxed because England was in control. Everyone was still a bit nervous though.

"And then the second half was the greatest 45 minutes of my entire life including marriage and children being born and I’ll stand by that. I can’t express to you the joy I felt."

People are gushing over superstar footballing pin up Jack Grealish. Rob said: "He’s become such a fan favourite that even when his face comes up on the screen people scream like he's a pop star. It’s mad.

"A lot of footballers are so serious and don’t give anything away in interviews, but he’s open and people see themselves in him and love him."

When the second goal went in, he said: “It was like an explosion of people. Everyone jumped and went crazy. It was carnage in there, but then immediately everyone panicked again because England are always beaten by the Germans.

"Even two nil up at home we were still worried about the last five minutes. When the final whistle went I’ve never seen or felt anything like it."