Big Zuu's 'dream job' became a nightmare on new TV show

Virgin Radio

13 Jan 2024, 16:58

Loveable rapper and celebrity chef, Big Zuu, seems to have it all but, apparently, not everything is quite as easy as one might think a 'dream job' should be.

The fun loving, West London DJ, surprised host Jayne Middlemiss, who was covering on The Graham Norton Radio Show with Waitrose, by admitting that his latest series required 'a lot of willpower' to finish.

Big Zuu hosts his brand new ITV show 12 Dishes In 12 Hours on ITV1 and ITVX.

The show started on ITV1 last Saturday (6th) and continues tonight at 10pm.

In a six part series, Big Zuu takes an array of celebrity guests, such as actor Will Poulter and comedian Eddie Kadi, on a quest across Europe to get a true flavour of each city through sampling the delights of its local delicacies, which they only half a day to truly make get a sense of.

With wonderful sunny locations to jet set to, such as Bologna in Italy and Nicosia in Cyprus, as well as chance for Zuu to indulge in his passion of cooking, and as he joked 'eating', while getting paid, you'd think he'd found his perfect 'dream job'.

Well, not exactly, as he tried to explain to Jayne.

Yes, his guests may get to kick back a bit, with a bit of sight-seeing here and a bit of tasting there for the day, Zuu is under the thumb a bit to not only host the show but also produce 12 separate dishes for every episode.

Zuu said of the series: "It took a lot of willpower, again from it, no pun intended it [referring to guest Will Poulter]."

He then outlined the difference between his expectations and reality, adding: "At first, you know, people when I told people the job, they were like, bro, you're getting paid to eat food across the world?!?

"But then, when I realised that I had to have 12 separate dishes in 12 hours, my body started realising, this is not as feasible."

He approached the Herculean task with characteristic positivity, at first: "As is often [the case] the first ep was like, 'This is great,' but then by the fourth or fifth ep, I was like, maybe we should change the format to six dishes in six hours."

Despite his difficulty, Zuu came back to his good time personality, rather reflectively stating: "You know, we're very lucky, very blessed to be able to do what we do. And let's just say my belly expanded."