New Netflix film hailed as 'best movie of 2024' as it gets massive Rotten Tomatoes rating

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9 Jun 2024, 15:18

Hit Man

Credit: Netflix

A new Netflix movie has already been named one of the best films of 2024 and acquired a huge Rotten Tomatoes rating after debuting on the platform on Friday (7th June). 

Hit Man, starring Glen Powell, has also become one of the top 10 films on the platform, and fans are raving about the new rom-com. 

Powell plays a college professor, Gary Johnson, who freelances for the police as a fake hitman who helps entrap people who hire him. 



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The film is actually based on a real-life story and a real man called Gary Johnson, who worked undercover for the police for years. He helped make over 70 arrests and likely saved many people who may have otherwise been at the mercy of a real hitman. 

In the movie adaptation, some things have been exaggerated for dramatic effect, and Netflix has added a romantic element to the story with the character of Madison (Adria Anjona). 

Not only has Hit Man reached a whopping 97% on Rotten Tomatoes just two days after its release, but viewers have been praising the movie too. 

Taking to X to share their opinions, one person wrote: “Best Movie of the Year so far. Hit Man (Netflix) 🔥 Interesting story with strong chemistry with leads , a normal rom com which has everything one needs to be entertained.”

Another said: “Hit Man on Netflix is the best movie I’ve seen all year. Funny, suspenseful, wildly sexy. Highly recommended for fans of early Coen Bros and Hitchcock.”

A third said: “Hit Man may be the best @netflix movie they’ve ever released. Major props! That notes app scene had me on the edge of my seat, Glen Powell & Adria Arjona are staaaars!!!”

While a fourth wrote:” HIT MAN is quite possibly the most fun you'll have watching a Netflix Original. A unique concept and a sexy pair with electric chemistry make for blast. Linklater's best in years. Glen Powell is a certified movie star and that make up is great. Be prepared to enjoy yourself.”

Hit Man is now available to stream on Netflix.