The Beatles are back in the Top 40 after new 'Get Back' film

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9 Dec 2021, 14:31

Pic: Getty

Following the success of Peter Jackson's epic 'Get Back' docuseries, the band find themselves in the chart once more.

Fans and casual listeners alike have been raving about the films, featuring hours of never-seen-before footage and audio of The Beatles in rehearsals for their last ever show and creating new music.

The album, 'Let It Be', has moved to number 22 in the album chart.

In addition, the band’s greatest hits album went up from No. 57 to No. 37.

The documentary series was directed by the Oscar-winning Peter Jackson, and fans are in love with watching the band as never before, writing and finishing the songs that would turn into 'Let It Be'.

It also features footage of The Beatles playing the now-infamous rooftop concert on the roof of their Apple Studios in London.

Jackson told The Independent: “I came away thinking of them as decent, sensible guys,”

The series has also caused Paul McCartney to change the way he thinks about the end of the band, and has finally squashed the long-held rumours that it was him who caused The Beatles to split.

Elsewhere, one of John Lennon's sons, Julian, said the film made him very emotional and said watching it was "a life-changing experience."

"It has made me so proud, inspired and feel more love for my/our family, than ever before", he wrote in an Instagram post.

Many also feel that the documentary has vindicated Yoko Ono, after McCartney was heard speaking kindly about her for John's love for her.