Christmas movie production reaches an all-time high

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9 Dec 2021, 14:56

Credit: Sky / Netflix

Credit: Sky / Netflix

If you’re a big fan of settling down with a cosy festive film, you probably feel like there’s too much choice around. 

And you would be right as for the first time, Christmas films are being made at record-levels to make sure everyone is getting their feel-good fix.

According to the Internet Movie Database (better known as IMDb), more than 200 new festive films and TV movies with Christmas in the title were released this year. 

That’s double the number of movies being made in 2016, with classic festive films becoming a staple on streaming platforms as well as traditional channels. 

It can all be traced back to US cable service Hallmark after they expanded their Christmas film production and dedicated an entire season to their TV movies back in 2009. 

Speaking to BBC News, Brandon Gray, co-host of the Deck the Hallmark podcast, said: “It's this magical season when the storyline that's on the screen doesn't matter as long as there's a bunch of Christmas trees in the background and it's snowing".

"For viewers, it's just a way to escape and to feel for at least two hours this little bit of peace in the midst of the craziness of the holiday season and the craziness of the world in which we have lived in the last couple years."

It’s all about the formula, according to Brandon, who admits the Hallmark brand of film is built on making their feel-good flicks look and feel the same. 

"They have the same aesthetic because they figured out what works. If we keep everything basically uniform - not too funny, not too sad - people will go from one movie to the next.

"So you have the two people that fall in love and there's some sort of misunderstanding with about 30 minutes to go and then they'll figure it out, and they'll kiss.”

Proving Christmas movies aren’t just for TV, a number of big-name stars are lending their name to some new films hoping to become instant classics. 

Dame Maggie Smith stars in the big-screen adventure A Boy Called Christmas, while Michael Sheen appears in time-travel adventure Last Train To Christmas. 

In the streaming world, Netflix announced nice and early in October that their festive programme would include 23 films and shows in the lead up to the big day, while Disney currently has 22 Christmas favourites listed on their platform.