Pam & Tommy star Taylor Schilling on Pamela Anderson not getting ANY of her $57 million sex tape

Virgin Radio

1 Feb 2022, 16:43

Credit: Disney +

We can't wait to VHS this. The series is set in the prehistoric days before the internet - we can barely remember how we survived - and stars Lily James as Baywatch babe Pamela Anderson and Sebastian Stan as Tommy Lee.

Speaking about their sex tape scandal in the 90's dark ages, Orange Is the New Black actress Taylor Schilling who plays sex tape-stealer Rand Gauthier's (Seth Rogan) wife Erica, she told FM104: “We can't even fathom that world, it’s like a different galaxy from the world we live in today because there was no internet.

"The internet was still proliferating and it wasn't nearly as accessible as it is now. So even the crime, even the burglary, the vagueness creates such intrigue and mystery and excitement and whereas today there would be one tweet that would make sense of everything that happened.

“The insanity that people thought, myself included, that that was a self released tape or they were making money off of it, it's shocking. I was beside myself when I read the script. They didn't even make money off of it and it's generated $77 (£57) million. It’s such an intense crime."

On James' transformation into the blonde star, she said: “It’s kind of magical. Some serious alchemy happened there between the work that she did internally and the artists that were working on her."

Not receiving a penny from the sex tape profits, she continued: “It is horrific that Pamela Anderson has never really received her due. I came away from the series like this woman is a hero, the inner resources she drew upon in the face of having her privacy violated to that extent and in terms of her ambition to be a serious actress. 

“It just ended it. She was not able to keep going but she still showed up to her life. She was still in public.

"She still held her head up and was doing interviews and was working and trying, and knowing that no one knew the truth and I was so humbled and moved by that.”

Pam & Tommy premieres with three episodes on February 2 on Disney+ with new episodes streaming weekly.