Viewers react to the intense fourth and final season of The Sinner

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1 Feb 2022, 16:13

Credit: Netflix

Credit: Netflix

It’s only been on Netflix a week, but viewers of the thriller reckon they have already noticed a plot hole in the final season.

After nearly two years after the third series of the drama hit Netflix last week and it, of course, featured everyone’s favourite Detective- Harry Ambrose.

However, viewers have already noticed some issues in the fourth and final season of The Sinner.

Warning! Spoilers ahead.

At the beginning of the season, we see Detective Ambrose taking a break from the chaos of season three in a small village in Maine.

In true Harry Ambrose style however, he finds himself at the centre of another mystery after witnessing a young woman named Percy Muldoon fall to her death.

When he tries to alert people about what he saw no one seems to believe him. So, it’s up to Detective Ambrose to put his well-used skills to work once again and get to the bottom of what really happened.

Percy’s ex-boyfriend Brandon and the Muldoon family’s rival fishmonger company, the Lam family, are his main suspects initially.

Bu, in the end, it turns out no one is to blame- Percy chose to end her own life.

During the tense season finale, viewers are told that two years prior to this event, Percy had accidently shot and killed the eldest son of the Lam family, Bo Lam, as he got into a tussle with her father, Sean.

The Muldoon family pays off the Lam’s to keep them quiet about the murder, but Percy never recovers and ends up so wracked with guilt she takes her own life.

It seems somewhat straight forward, however viewers are not satisfied.

One fan took to Reddit to share their thoughts about the season finale. They wrote: “So instead of simply pushing Bo off Sean, Percy takes the time to enter the boat cabin, open the gun case, retrieve the gun, and point it at someone whose back was turned, expecting him to what? Sense the gun aimed at him? A simple shove would have avoided this entire season.”

Other viewers agreed, saying Percy’s response seemed a little farfetched.

One user wrote: “You’re right, it was really stupid. I was thinking why doesn’t she walk in front of him so he can see the gun or yell that she’s got a gun or fire a warning shot/”

Another said: “Yeah agree, that didn’t make any sense. Would have [made] sense if Bo was attacking with a knife or different weapon.”

Despite that, there was some positive reviews for the series as well.

Taking to Twitter, one viewer wrote: “The sinner is the best netflix show omg i can’t sleep till i know the ending.”

Another said: “The last season of The Sinner did not disappoint. An excellent, twisty-turny plot about the secrets and lies of one woman's death on a small island off the Maine coastline. Bill Pullman at his restrained, anxious best as detective Harry Ambrose.”