Ozark’s Julia Garner reveals what to expect in the final episodes of the drama

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15 Feb 2022, 11:32

Credit: Getty

Credit: Getty

It’s set to be an intense end for the Netflix series.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

Ozark star Julia Garner has revealed there will be a gripping finale to the drama.

The Netflix show is airing the second half of its fourth and final season later this year, and fans have been promised it will be a good one.

Ozark follows the story of a financial advisor called Martin Byrde (Jason Bateman), who is laundering money for a Mexican cartel. Garner plays the part of an intelligent and experienced participant in the criminal underworld, Ruth Langmore.

The first half of season four aired earlier this year and ended with Ruth swearing to get revenge on cartel lieutenant Javi (Alfonso Herra) after he murdered her cousin Wyatt.

In an emotional climax, Ruth screams at Marty: “If you wanna stop me, you’re going to have to f**king kill me!”

Garner spoke to Entertainment Tonight about her thoughts on the last ever episodes of the series.

She said: “It’s always funny because, by the time it comes out, I forget like, how intense it was.”

She teased: “You’re just going to have to wait. It gets more intense. It gets very intense. The ending of season [four], the first half, was just the beginning of the intensity, that ending.”

See the official season 4 teaser below:

Showrunner for the series Chris Mundy also gave us some insight into what to expect from the finale.

Again, speaking to Entertainment Weekly, he said: “The final tease really comes down to Marty and Wendy.

"We usually frame everything through the marriage, as much as Ruth is this gigantic part of the show, obviously," he continued.

"For the Byrdes, at a certain point, the final seven [episodes] to me are about, at what time is it healthy to stay in, and at what time is it healthy to get out, in terms of that partnership?

"And so, to me, I really think the final seven is pretty intensely about marriage and family. And Ruth is an extension of that family."

Ozark seasons 1-4 (part one) are now available to stream on Netflix. A release date for season 4 (part two) has not yet been announced.