A fictional Downing Street TV drama about a scandalous Prime Minister is in the works

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15 Feb 2022, 13:11

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A toe-curling new drama focussing on a scandalous fictional UK Prime Minster is on the way to a screen near you.

According to Deadline, the upcoming series follows ‘a PM and a team of senior advisors and young staffers, juggling complicated personal lives with the round-the-clock demands of professional duty'.

The synopsis reads: "As a newly christened leader takes the reins of power, they are immediately confronted by a string of crises.

"The resulting scrutiny of the Prime Minister’s competence, motives, and personal life by political opponents, a cynical public, beleaguered royals and a rabid press, threaten to derail the Prime Minister’s tenure and expose damaging personal indiscretions."

Producers Carl Beverly and Sarah Timberman have teamed up with the writer of original British House of Cards' Andrew Davies.

Carl explained: "The opportunity to mine this historically rich setting for characters and stories that explore the complicated nexus between power and politics, was too good to pass up, particularly with Andrew Davies leading the way.

"His story prowess and the gravitational pull of his characters make him the perfect choice for Downing Street."

Sound scarily familiar?