Netflix now has a ‘Two-thumbs up’ option for rating movies and TV shows

Virgin Radio

8 Apr 2022, 14:56

Love something on Netflix? You can now give a ‘Two-thumbs up’ option to your viewing picks to show if you really loved it as well as the classic thumbs up/down.

With the feature to allow people to rate films and TV shows out of five, Netflix got a 200% increase in ratings when using the clever method.

The three options you could originally use are the classic thumbs down (not for me), a single thumbs up (I like this) and a double thumbs up (loved this!).

The streaming giant have just announced a price increase for new and existing members in the UK by £1 a month to £6.99, while the premium tier will go up by £2 to £15.99.

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They said the increase would allow it to 'continue investing in best in class UK productions and offer a wide variety of curated quality shows and films'.

A spokesperson said: "We have always been focused on providing our members both quality and clear value for their membership.

"Our updated prices reflect the investment we have made in our service and catalogue, and will allow us to continue making the series, documentaries and films our members love as well as investing in talent and the creative industry.

"We offer a range of plans so members can choose a price that works best for them."