Race Across The World series 3 champs had ‘an inkling’ they’d won after unexpected off-camera moment

Virgin Radio

11 May 2023, 16:43

Race Across The World series 3

Credit: BBC

The winners of Race Across The World series 3 had a pretty good idea of where they were in the race at a very unexpected point in the journey. 

(Big spoilers ahead if you’re yet to catch up!)

While three couples remained on their treacherous journey across 16,000 kilometres and six time zones, there could only be one to make the final checkpoint before the others, and this time, it was Cathie and Tricia who were first across the finish line. 

Fighting off tough competition from the other two teams, Cathie and Tricia were the first to arrive at the Lighthouse on Cape Spear. Mobeen and Zainib followed in second place, with Ladi and Monique coming in third.

Speaking about the “stressful” final leg of the journey, Cathie and Tricia exclusively told virginradio.co.uk that it was difficult to tell whereabouts in the competition they were…until one very distinct moment right before making the last checkpoint. 

Speaking about what was going through their minds when seeing the very last finish line, Cathie explained: “We were second-guessing ourselves all the time. Had we made the right decision getting the ferry that we did? Should we have waited for the other ferry? 

“I did have a little bit of an inkling when we got to the port for the ferry, I had a little bit of an inkling that we may have sort of jumped ahead in the lead at that point. We got in there and we had a camera crew with us. The staff at the port, they made a big fuss about the camera crew and that they couldn't film there and all that kind of stuff. I thought to myself, no one else has been through here yet. So at that point, I did think that we were ahead.”

Taking the ferry did come with some tricky decisions too, with Cathie describing that particular mode of transportation “a big risk.”

According to the best friends, the big risks involved were part of the reason they wanted to sign up to Race Across The World in the first place, as well as they memories they would make.

On why they wanted to take on the journey together, Tricia explained: “I've watched series one and two, and absolutely loved it and thought, ‘yeah, I want to do that.’ Obviously, I didn't know where we were going or anything, and the only person I would ever do it with is my sidekick, Cathie. We know each other too well, we get on so well. 

“I didn't have any doubts in my mind that we would have any issues. I knew that me and her are going to grow disgracefully and that she's going to be able to say to me in 40 years time, ‘Oh, do you remember seeing those? Whatever they were?’ I know that she's going to be around forever and she's kind of my guide. So yeah, I couldn't have done it with anybody else.”

Race Across The World series 3 is available to watch on BBC iPlayer.