Ted Lasso recap: Everything you need to know ahead of final episode

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30 May 2023, 13:52

Credit: Apple TV+

The season three finale of Ted Lasso is almost upon us. Will it be the end of the story completely? And when can you see it? Here’s everything you need to know, as well as a recap of where the story is at.

There are spoilers ahead if you haven’t seen Ted Lasso up to and including season 3 episode 11.

When is the season 3 finale?

You can watch episode 12 of season 3 on Apple TV+ from 5am this Wednesday (31st May).

Will it be the last ever episode?

It’s been the question on everyone’s lips ever since creator and Ted actor Jason Sudeikis said: “This is the end of this story that we wanted to tell.”

He later told our own Chris Evans: “It’s flattering that people want more,” adding: “There's a lot of things we don't get in life that we want, but, you know, it's the journey to get there. So, I have to get kind of done with this chapter.”

He explained: “That's it for now, yeah, and said: “We want the story to go out because maybe people, at the end, would be like, ‘Oh you know what, that's it. Thank you. That's all we need'… I truly do believe that.”

However, Nick Mohammed, who plays Nate Shelley, told The Chris Evans Breakfast Show with cinch: “Who knows if this is the end or not? I genuinely don't know.”

How long is the finale?

At this stage, the exact running time has not been announced. Given the running time of other episodes from this season, we would be surprised if it clocked in under an hour. We do know that it is titled, So Long, Farewell. Which seems apt.

What’s happening in the plot as we approach the finale?

To recap, having sensationally quit West Ham, wunderkind-turned-baddie-turned-kind-of-goodie-again, Nate, has now been sacked from his job at his fave restaurant, at the behest of his kind-hearted girlfriend, Jade, who thinks he should get back into football. 

Meanwhile, Ted shows Coach Beard footage of Nate ripping up the iconic BELIEVE poster, which reveals he had to hide in the office for hours as the team and cleaners entered. He eventually had to climb out of a window to get out. Ted tells Beard that people shouldn’t be judged by their weakest moment.

As Nate prepares to go to Richmond to give Ted a 60-page apology letter, Beard turns up at his house and tells a story of how Ted helped him get his life together, back in the day, despite him stealing his car. Beard forgives Nate and offers him a job back. Nate accepts.

And as for what is happening on the pitch, AFC Richmond finally beat Manchester City, leaving them with a chance of winning the Premier League on the last game of the season.

The penultimate episode also saw Ted’s mum rock up out of nowhere. After much skirting around the point of her visit, she eventually confesses that she came to tell him that his son misses him. 

The next day in his office, Ted reveals that he has a truth bomb for the big boss, Rebecca. And, on that cliffhanger, the episode ends.

What will happen in the finale? 

There are plenty of things to tie-up. The main one being, is Ted about to quit AFC Richmond? And will Nate return to replace him? Will Jamie Tartt (do-do-do-do-do-do) and his teammates pip Pep and Manchester City for the title?

Elsewhere, we wait to see what happens in the weird relationship between sweary Roy Kent and Keeley, and is a spark going to reignite again between Sam and Rebecca? And what will come of the surprise visit from Bex, accompanied by Rupert’s former secretary?

The simple answer to all that is, we don’t know. And the official plot synopsis doesn’t give anything away, simply reading: “AFC Richmond play their final match of the season”. 

All we do know, is that there's a lot to get through, and the final episode is certain to be an emotional one.