Eddy's Good News: Humans yearning for happiness and building sustainable neighbourhoods

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30 Jun 2023, 09:10

Credit: The Times/News UK & Stockholm Wood City – Atrium Ljungberg

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Friday 30th June 2023

Credit: The Times/News UK

Heart warming news from the USA and a new study into human kindness which shows that little acts of kindness are universal, that humans are basically (with very few exceptions) hard-wired for kindness.

The study which was led by UCLA studied hundreds of people from all over the world, in every continent. Researchers pored over hours of footage looking specifically for what they call “low cost” acts of kindness and it’s interesting why. A big altruistic act, a big charitable donation, something like that will often have a cultural reason behind it or an established protocol, 

so data would be skewed towards developed countries and stronger economies, but acts of kindness that don’t cost anything can’t be biased in any way. The heart warming thing is that wherever you are from Osterley to Australia or from Leith to Laos these acts of kindness happen no matter the language, the belief system, the race, creed or colour. When you zoom in beyond any social or cultural morés, basic human kindness unites us all.

Via: positive.news

Credit: Stockholm Wood City – Atrium Ljungberg

Inspiring news from Sweden where they’re building an entire neighbourhood, houses, shops, office blocks, the lot, out of wood, just to show what can be done if you build in a sustainable way.

They’re calling it Wood City, it’ll span 25 blocks, look absolutely beautiful and the timber buildings will add 7,000 new offices and 2,000 new homes. They kick the whole thing off in 2025, and the first phase opens two years later.

It’s more than an exercise in sustainability but an opportunity to reshape the urban landscape in a responsible way, because most people live south of the historic city centre, but most offices are north of it. This huge development in the southern domestic heartland fits into an urban ethos they call the 15 minute city, where everything you need is within a fifteen minute walk from your house. That’s everything from a station to bars, restaurants, your office or a gig venue within a fifteen minute walk and they’re building it from the stuff I told you about a few years ago in one of these Good News stories, cross laminated timber, it’s fire resistant and you can build skyscrapers out of the stuff!

Via: goodnewsnetwork.org