Shirley Ballas on Strictly Come Dancing 2023: 'I can assure you by week three, you'll have fallen in love'

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30 Jun 2023, 16:24

Shirley Ballas on new Strictly 2023

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As the new season of Strictly Come Dancing rapidly approaches and pivots back into our lives, head judge Shirley Ballas has revealed what's in store for the upcoming BBC extravaganza.

During an exclusive interview with, the queen of the ballroom teased about the new series: "The ball is well rolled, let's put it like that. So I think the majority of the celebrities are already signed up now.

"Jason Gilkison [choreographer] is already putting all the numbers together. Everybody's just winding up on their own tours and all of the digital jobs that they've got and we're all getting ready now to come back. So I'm feeling very, very good about the series."

Shirley Ballas

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She continued: "All I can say is that the viewers always write in and ask for one or two things, and I think they're going to get that."

Can the BBC compete with the success of previous series? Shirley explained confidently: "Just when you think it couldn't get any better, it absolutely does. And remember, if there's somebody that you don't know in week one, I can assure you by week three, you'll have fallen in love."

Set to show off her wild side when she takes to the skies for a new campaign with charity CALM in which she attempts a trio of daredevil challenges, she shared about Strictly: "Everybody has a story. Everyone has a purpose and everyone has a reason.

Shirley Ballas

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"I think that's why this show has such longevity because every year it's different, so it's quite courageous of people. I look at this challenge, and I think no, don't complain.

"Surely, some people go out there and do Strictly having never done this before, terrified. I see them coming down the stairs, and it gives me hope I can do this challenge."

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