Quentin Tarantino supposedly offers Bruce Willis his final ever role

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1 Aug 2023, 11:40

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Acclaimed filmmaker Quentin Tarantino is said to have a heartfelt plan for Hollywood legend Bruce Willis.

It has been revealed that Tarantino desires to grant Willis a last-ever film appearance in his upcoming project, The Movie Critic, in what could be a touching tribute to the iconic actor.

According to reports by The Daily Express, Tarantino is keen on offering Willis a small role in The Movie Critic, a film set in 1977 Southern California and centred around a 'porno rag' journalist.

Tarantino and Willis have collaborated before on the iconic film Pulp Fiction.

This follows news from earlier in the year that the Die Hard legend had been diagnosed with frontotemporal dementia, an uncommon form of the disease affecting behaviour and language.

The actor had previously faced challenges with aphasia, leading him to step back from his illustrious acting career.

While Tarantino has yet to approach the actor's family, he intends to respect their wishes should they feel Willis is too unwell to participate.

As a thoughtful alternative, the director may consider incorporating a clip from one of Willis's previous movies into the film as a nod to the actor's illustrious career.

Tarantino has described The Movie Critic as a project inspired by a real-life movie critic who wrote for a pornographic magazine.

The character's cynical and humorous writing style resonated with the director during his youth when he worked as a vending machine re-stocker.

Tarantino said previously: “He wrote about mainstream movies and he was the second-string critic. I think he was a very good critic. He was as cynical as hell. His reviews were a cross between early Howard Stern and what Travis Bickle might be if he were a film critic. Think about Travis’ diary entries.”

He added: “[The] critic was very, very funny. He was very rude, you know. He cursed. He was as rude as hell. He wrote like he was 55 but he was only in his early to mid-30s. He died in his late 30s. It wasn’t clear for a while but now I’ve done some more research and I think it was it was complications due to alcoholism.”

In May, the director said he does not want to cast a British actor to play the main role in the film, suggesting too many American characters are being played by UK stars.

As news of Tarantino's potential project with Willis circulates, fans and industry insiders await further developments.

The prospect of seeing Willis grace the screen one last time in a Tarantino film is both heartwarming and poignant, serving as a testament to the actor's incredible contribution to cinema.

Additionally, last month Willis’s wife Emma Heming Willis and ex-wife Demi Moore shared touching tributes on the star’s first Father’s Day since his diagnosis.

As of now, representatives for Willis and Tarantino have not provided any official comments regarding the matter.