Big Brother 2023: Who went home during the tense double eviction? 

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4 Nov 2023, 09:38

AJ Odudu and Will Best on Big Brother (2023)

Credit: ITV / Rex

Big Brother has said goodbye to not one, but two housemates in potentially the most heated eviction of the 2023 series. 

This week featured housemates Noky and Trish becoming ‘possessed’ by Evil Big Brother, and tasked with choosing three housemates to nominate. 

Dylan, Olivia and Kerry were all put on the chopping block during the Halloween special, but it was eventually NHS worker Kerry who was sent home (via a coffin in the wall). 

Tensions flared back in the house as Dylan confronted Trish over her choice to nominate him, while both Olivia and Paul were upset over friend Noky allowing the Scottish dancer to be put up for potential eviction. 

While things simmered down the next day, it seemed clear the Big Brother house was officially divided - and when asked to nominate in the normal rounds once more, it was Trish, Noky, Dylan and Paul who were all up for eviction. 

While awaiting to learn of their fate on Friday’s (3rd November) episode, Yinrun won herself a party for completing a secret task and was allowed to invite housemates of her choosing. Paul, increasingly angry and being excluded from Yinrun’s festivities, decided to throw balls of cling film at his housemates, pour their cocktails down the sink and call Noky “weird” for staring at him.

Once Trish caught wind of the exchange between Paul and Noky, she confronted the boxer, calling him a “bully”. The situation got so heated that the live feeds were cut.

With the double eviction looming, it was difficult to tell who might’ve been sent packing, but once the eviction had begun, loud ‘get Paul out’ chants and booing could be heard from the live crowd outside. 

Eventually, it was both Dylan and Paul who were sent home - an outcome they weren’t surprised by. 

Speaking to hosts AJ Odudu and Will Best on the outside, Dylan said: “100 percent, I knew it was going to happen. It’s all good.”

Moments after his eviction, Paul appeared on Big Brother: Late and Live to say he was “overwhelmed” buy the house, but “did kind of expect” his departure. 

“I know I'm quite a loud person. When people say you forget the cameras are there, you really really do,” he continued. 

Big Brother continues Sunday-Friday at 9pm on ITV2 and ITVX. Big Brother: Late and Live begins immediately after.