James Blunt finally receives NME Award for 'Worst Album'

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13 Nov 2023, 16:42

L to R James Blunt

Credit: Instagram/@NMEMagazine

In a long-awaited moment, James Blunt has finally received his NME Award for Worst Album, an accolade he received in 2006 for his debut album Back To Bedlam.

Despite expressing his desire for the award over the years, it's only now that he has been presented with it.

In an interview with NME, James Blunt expressed his discontent for never receiving the award before being pleasantly surprised with the long-awaited trophy.

“No way, Oh my God,” he says. “I’m so thrilled, I’m so thrilled. That’s the best thing ever. Really, genuinely…I’m deeply, deeply touched. Thank you so much. That’s going beside every other award in the world and probably be the one I’m most proud of. NME thank you so much.”

In a recent podcast appearance, Blunt humorously recalled the moment when NME awarded him the Worst Album in 2006. He even stated that he'd like his obituary to be in NME and, jokingly, mentioned the Gallagher brothers, Noel and Liam, as his preferred pallbearers.

“[I’d pick] those Gallagher brothers, Noel and what’s his name, they’d love to do that. I think they’ve signed up,” he began, also making reference to the irony of the rivalry between Oasis and Blur over the years.

“Exactly, and they’ve all had nice supportive things to say about me and my music, so it’d be great to have them as part of the show,” he added. “I do actually bump into Noel a fair whack at different places. And I think he only says these things behind people’s back. Because to your face, he’s a coward.”

Blunt's playful banter with NME about the delayed trophy delivery has been ongoing.

In 2019, he expressed his disgruntlement, saying: "I actually won an NME Award once upon a time, but you never sent it over. Why haven’t you sent it? Are you too tight to send it over? It’s just really mean to get an award and not send it. I’d put it in pride of place, right above my bed so I could look up at it and see it every day. That would be the best award in the world to have."

The delayed presentation of the Worst Album award adds a humorous touch to Blunt's musical journey, highlighting the good-natured rapport between the artist and the publication.

When he joined the Chris Evans Breakfast Show with cinch to play a brilliant live session, he also chatted to Chris about his latest album, Who We Used to Be.

The album includes a track called Dark Thought, which is a tribute to late Star Wars icon Carrie Fisher. “There's songs for me and my family and those people I know. The song that I wanted to write for Carrie Fisher since she died in 2016, I've at last written,” he said. 

James became friends with Fisher back in the day, and she offered him a home in Beverly Hills while he recorded his debut LP. Talking to Chris about returning to visit her home after her death, he said: “I went back to Carrie Fisher's house to feel a little bit of her spirit and her soul at the house that I lived in with her. I lived there between 2002 and 2016, when she died, whenever I was writing and recording music. Then she was gone and I couldn't stay there.

“I thought I'd go back to our house, in a kind of mad moment.”

He explained: “I drove up the hill, parked outside the gate, walked through the steps and put my hand on the gate and said, ‘God Carrie, I miss you so much,’ and shed a tear. And that's that song.