Has Katherine Ryan finally settled the debate on if Die Hard is a Christmas movie?

Virgin Radio

1 Dec 2023, 11:49

L-R: Katherine Ryan and Bruce Willis in Die Hard

Credit: Getty/Rex

Comedian Katherine Ryan has weighed in on the age old question - is Die Hard a Christmas film…or is it just an action film set at Christmas?

The 1988 classic stars Bruce Willis as fearless NYPD cop John McClane, who winds up trapped in a terrorist takeover in a Los Angeles skyscraper on Christmas Eve while visiting estranged wife Holly Gennaro-McClane, played by Bonnie Bedelia. 

Of course, Die Hard wouldn’t be so beloved without Alan Rickman, who starred as the ruthless terrorist leader Hans Gruber. 

35 years on, and the debate on whether the high-octane action flick still rumbles on, but Taskmaster alum Katherine reckons she’s got the definitive answer - which is a resounding yes!

While chatting exclusively with virginradio.co.uk, the Duchess star confessed that rugged Bruce Willis was “on my list for Father Christmas” and Die Hard “delivers that.”

She explained: “It's maybe not one to watch with the children though. I think Violet, my 14 year old, is old enough for it now. I think it's the right amount of festive because you can really overdo it.”

Katherine has teamed up with NOW TV as part of their new festive campaign, and accompanying research has found that almost half (45%) of Brits prefer to re-watch their favourite Christmas movies than watch something new. 

On Die Hard’s rewatchability, Katherine said she’d usually reach for something warm and comical like Elf, but she also “needs a palate cleanser,” which Die Hard is for her.

“It's festive action and suspense. It's very thrilling,” the TV star continued. “Some people have families, you get all the uncles together at Christmas, that can be suspenseful and thrilling. It's not all Buddy the Elf making friends with his new family in New York. There are some spicy Christmas moments that we have to honour.”

Meanwhile, Disney+ have also waded into the Die Hard festive debate, and released an hilarious song starring Alfie Boe to settle the discussion

To celebrate the famous film’s 35th anniversary, the streamer has released its own take on Beethoven’s Ode to Joy - renamed Ode to Die Hard - sung by renowned tenor Alfie Boe and the Kingdom Choir.

While sung to the familiar tune, ‘Ode to Die Hard’ features some very different lyrics which aim to convince any sceptical film fans of the fact that Die Hard is a Christmas movie.

A recent YouGov poll revealed that the UK is divided on this issue, with 35% of the people polled agreeing it is a Christmas film, but 33% of the people polled suggesting it isn’t.

But as the lyrics of Disney+’s latest song add: “John McClane’s wished Merry Christmas, When he lands at LAX.” Plus, his wife’s name is Holly of all things!

NOW has a huge range of festive favourites to get the nation in the holiday spirit from anywhere in an instant. Visit Nowtv.com to sign up and start streaming.