Ralf Little teases 'hurricane' arrival of Neville Parker's mum in Death in Paradise Christmas special 

Virgin Radio

12 Dec 2023, 18:19

L to R: Ralf Little

Credit: Getty/BBC

Christmas comes to the Caribbean in the Death in Paradise Christmas Special, with lead Ralf Little's character, Neville Parker, looks like he's for a storm with arrival of his 'hurricane' mother.

The BBC's Christmas line up this year is looking like a rather well stuffed stocking this year with: Doctor Who, Strictly, and Call The Midwife all dropping exciting tidbits of information ahead of the holiday.

Joining the tinsel of teasers this year is the eternally popular Caribbean murder mystery series Death in Paradise.

Not only has the show recently revealed that the special will include some exciting guest stars from Eastenders and Netflix hit Heartstopper, but star Ralf Little has been able to reveal some insight into the plot of the special.

As described the by the BBC's website, the story goes something like this: "It’s Christmas in the Caribbean and Neville’s larger-than-life mum, Melanie, is in town. She quickly assimilates herself in with the rest of the team, but she’s disheartened to see how down on romance Neville is, given everything he’s been through the past two years. Can she instil some festive cheer in her unlucky-in-love son?

"Elsewhere, a wealthy business owner called Gerry is found dead at the bottom of a ravine. It could just be an accident, but Gerry’s ominous last words – ‘It’s behind you’ – suggest something more is going on. And things take an even stranger turn when the team discover that the family’s house guest has mysteriously vanished, prompting her fiancé to fly out on a rescue mission."

Well, we can all relate to at least one point of that outline over the festive period. Although hopefully it's the part about turbulent family reunions and not the supposed murder.

Little, recently spoke to virginradio.co.uk and other press about the arrival of his character's mother, Melanie, and whether DI Neville Parker will be able the whether that particular 'hurricane'.

Ralph shared his insights: "Neville's mum arrives on the island, kind of like a hurricane. Actually, she's extremely disruptive. You're expecting her to be, because Neville was mollycoddled a little bit and wrapped in cotton wool when he was a kid. So you kind of expect her to be perhaps a little overbearing and over protected.

"But the thinking that we all sort of discussed was that perhaps it might have been a necessity when he was a kid, because all of his allergies and difficulties and that, they're not fake."

"He's not a hypochondriac. They were very real, but that was when he was a kid. I think that her as a character and Doon's [Mackichan] character, Melanie, she's a little like, 'Come on, son, it's time... You're not a kid anymore. You've come out here, your starting to look like you're about live your life.'

"She arrives and she is gregarious, and fun loving, and a character and loud and kind of the antithesis to what he is, which is a bit of a surprise. So she's extremely disruptive to his life, in many ways. So that's kind of his thing for Christmas. That's a lot of fun."

Certainly sounds that we will have a lot to sink our teeth into after our Christmas Dinners have digested by Boxing Day, which is when the special will air.

Although Neville Parker may end up reacting negative to his mother's arrival, series stalwart Catherine Bordey, played by Elizabeth Bourgine, has almost a completely opposite attitude.

Bourgine added: "Well, I can tell you that Catherine is welcoming Melanie, because Neville's mother, is very anxious at the beginning because of her son. Then once she understands that Neville will get over it. They just think about having fun. The both of them.

"So Catherine organises a lot of things. They go to the carnival, they have drinks together, they go dancing, and then she organised dates for Neville's mother, so they will both become friends, have a lot of fun. It will be a big surprise."

The Death in Paradise Christmas Special 2023 airs on BBC One and BBC iPlayer on Boxing Day at 9pm.