Fans react as Sam Heughan reveals his favourite childhood Christmas gift: "I wanted to be an elf"

Virgin Radio

18 Dec 2023, 12:20

Credit: Virgin Radio

Outlander star Sam Heughan has shared the most-treasured Christmas gift he received as a child — and it's a very fitting one.

The actor told Virgin Radio: "My first Christmas present that I remember, honestly I'm going to reveal my inner geek here. I was actually probably a teenager.

"Obviously, my mum bought me loads of great stuff, but my uncle came for Christmas and he bought me a board game, one that I'd always wanted, Hero Quest. You know, elves, dwarves, orcs and all that sort of stuff. I think that's why when I grew up I wanted to be an elf myself."



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Fans commented on social media: "Did you say GEEK?! Yes, here I am! What a lovely imagine of teenage Sam playing Hero Quest at Christmas time. That explains the friendship with the Scottish warrior dwarf that lives in NZ!"

A second wrote: "The quote, 'I wanted to be an elf myself!' I love it! You have made millions of people very happy just by being yourself, a kind, gentle, and very giving human being.Not to mention super cool and handsome!"

"Wave that geek flag high and proud, Sam! Love your enthusiasm for life in general! penned a third.

"Your stories are fantastic, even the way you relate to them reminds me of Jamie," wrote a fourth.

"I miss seeing gifts like this, where we can connect with more people and let our imagination take us to many different places. Today children and young people do not accept gifts like this. I had a childhood full of gift games," commented another.

He recently told our Graham Norton about the iconic show coming to an end: "The final season, we have been working on the show now for eight seasons, and this will be the eighth one. So it's a decade, 10 years! Ten years in the ginger wig, and it's been incredible. It's changed my life, honestly. It's been such an amazing journey, a great character and it's going to be bittersweet."

Sam continued: "When I got the job, I remember my driver, who still drives me today, and I remember saying to him, 'This won't last longer than a season or two,' and there we are eight seasons later, and 10 years. It's been an amazing journey.

"I mean, it really is bittersweet. I've been in fittings already and I realised this is the last time I will be having my fittings ever on the show. I started getting quite emotional about it."