Eddy's Good News: New treatment for mental health challenges and how pawsome friends can help

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18 Dec 2023, 12:41

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Monday 18th December

Credit: NHS Betsi Cadwaladr- From left to right Gary Williams, Joe Swiffen with Ulriken the dog, and Ingrid Unsworth with Drake the dog

Pawsome news from Wales and a new treatment for mental health challenges as we say hello to Husky Therapy.

In one of those wonderful happy accidents specialist occupational therapist Ingrid Unsworth was given a voucher for a sled dog adventure in Wales.

She’d been going through some difficult things at home and the overwhelming sense of sadness she felt going into the experience gave way to tears of joy afterwards. She was so inspired that she had the idea to apply the same experience as therapy for the serious offenders she worked with, as part of their rehabilitation.

Patients get to work closely with a dog, learning how to take care of them and work with them. It’s working so well that they’ve now introduced puppies into the mix and the little rascals help the patients imagine what life is like from their point of view and encourage empathy, they all end up wanting to help the puppies and building strong relationships with their assigned dogs. Everyone's a winner and they even get a qualification in animal care to help get a job when they’re released.

Via: positive.news