Exclusive: 'A vicious cycle' - Ryan Thomas dishes on painful Dancing on Ice rehearsals

Virgin Radio

13 Jan 2024, 14:52

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For Ryan Thomas, scrapes and bumps from Dancing on Ice haven't been enough to bruise his confidence, although he admits that the training process is a bit a of 'a vicious cycle'.

The Coronation Street stalwart, Ryan Thomas, has recently started training with partner, Amani Fancy, alongside an all star cast of Dancing on Ice that includes former S Club alum Hannah Spearitt as well as the eternally lovable sporting hero, Eddie the Eagle.

With the competition rapidly approaching, Sunday 14th January, the intensity of training has certainly ramped, as the celebs are all hoping to make a good first impression on just the judges but hosts Holly Willoughby and recent addition, Stephen Mulhurn.

That increased work rate will certainly start to take toll, indeed it's even started to cause a few minor injuries, as Thomas exclusively told virginradio.co.uk.

He said that his partner: "Amani warned me, we're going to have falls and we're going to bumps and scrapes. But you know, it's about getting back up and having the confidence to just, you know, overcome it and do it again."

Although Thomas has kept up his positivity he did admit that: "I think that's been really difficult at times. Because when I've had a really bad fall, I have had a little bit of anxiety about doing it again. But I've actually got to a point now, today, where I'm like, 'Oh, this is okay, now.'"

Things might be 'okay' but Thomas may appear to wish he had gotten to the call to be on the show a few prior, as it seems the rather active star may not be as spritely as he once was.

"I'm turning 40 this year." Thomas admitted, "And I used to bounce back very quickly.

"Now I wake up in the morning and go, 'Oh, that's where I fell. Oh, that's what knee I went on.' Because you do sort of... you're on adrenaline at the time, and it's only the next morning, you wake up and you feel like 'that was sore.' "

Remaining undeterred by the physical implications of ice skating, Thomas rounded out his thoughts with: "But you know what, again, the adrenaline kicks in when you go on the ice again, and you forget it all and it comes back- it's a vicious cycle."

Thomas is not the only one who is suffering from his gruelling training regime, his professional partner, Amani Fancy, is started to turn all shades of purple.

Despite being a used to ice skating's pit and pratfalls, Thomas said of his partner that: "She's got marks on her body where I've been lifting her up, and she's bruised, bruised and battered everywhere."

Amani replied in kind that this is the first for this to happen to her as she hasn't 'actually had that with another partner before'.

Perhaps Ryan is also putting the professional through their paces, maybe that'll work out for him in the competition.

Dancing on Ice returns for a new series on Sunday 14th January at 18:30 on ITV and will also stream on ITVX.