Ridley Scott strikes a disco deal: set to direct Bee Gees biopic

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16 Feb 2024, 12:02

Credit: Getty

From Gladiator sequels to boogie nights, Scott's versatility knows no bounds.

In a move that can only be described as staying alive, Ridley Scott is stepping into the discotheque to direct Paramount's long-anticipated Bee Gees biopic.

The success of Bob Marley: One Love has given the studio a fever, prompting them to hustle up the Bee Gees project.

Ridley Scott, known for his epic films and the occasional toe-tapping sequel, is ready to put on his dancing shoes and take on the iconic story of the Gibb brothers.

Paramount executives, groovier than ever, were reportedly dazzled by Scott's Gladiator sequel footage, eager to sign him on for the Bee Gees venture.

While it's hard to imagine the director seeking approval for a job, it seems the studio is more excited than John Travolta on the dance floor.

Scott already has a Bee Gees connection from his past—a failed film called Castle Accident with the musical siblings.

Now, with this biopic, he'll finally get to tell the tale of the brothers who put the disco in 'disco inferno.'

The Bee Gees, with worldwide record sales exceeding 220 million, secured their spot as one of the best-selling groups of all time.

Starting with folk and soft rock in the late 1950s, their meteoric rise came with the Saturday Night Fever soundtrack, sending disco soaring to new heights.

The Grammy-winning album, which included disco anthems like Stayin' Alive, became one of the top-selling albums ever.

As the kings of disco, the Bee Gees found themselves caught in a hustle when a backlash hit against the genre.

The unexpected shift in the disco vibe, coupled with the sudden death of Maurice Gibb in 2003, led to the retirement of the group after 45 years.

They made a comeback in 2009, but Robin's death in 2012 left Barry to carry the torch.

Paramount and producer Graham King have held the rights to the Bee Gees biopic since 2019, with John Logan crafting the script—a connection to Scott, who worked with Logan on Gladiator and Alien: Covenant.

The project has seen its share of dance partners, including Kenneth Branagh and John Carney, but with Ridley Scott ready to lead, the disco ball may finally start spinning.

Before we don our bell-bottoms for the Bee Gees extravaganza, we'll first witness the glory of Gladiator 2, starring man of the moment Paul Mescal, hitting screens on November 22.

With Scott's prolific pace, he might even squeeze in a couple more films before we get to boogie with the Brothers Gibb on the silver screen. Stay tuned for the disco fever, Ridley style!