McFly's Harry Judd reacts to Race Across The World news after heartwarming Celebrity series

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28 Mar 2024, 14:47

Harry Judd, Race Across the World, Harry with mum Emma

Credit: Rex / BBC

McFly’s Harry Judd is no stranger to the intensity of Race Across The World after competing on the celebrity version in 2023. 

The next civilian series has just been announced, with this year’s route was revealed as a breath-taking 15,000 kilometres race from northernmost Japan to the finish line in Lombok, an idyllic Indonesian island paradise. 

Race Across The World starts up on Wednesday 10th April, and celeb alumni Harry told that he’ll “definitely” be tuning in. 

Speaking how the upcoming series, the drummer said: “Japan is a perfect location, because it's just completely worlds apart from what we're used to.”

Harry and mum Emma won over fans after their wholesome journey through Marrakech, Morocco, and end in Tromsø, Norway, but Japan offers up a totally new challenge. 

The Obviously hit-maker said: “I'm lucky enough to have been [to Japan] with the band and it’s such an interesting culture. Beautiful, cultural, amazing people, such kind and warm, welcoming people. 

“It’'d be fascinating to watch. I would’ve loved to have gone through Japan.”

Having toured with McFly since their inception in 2003, it’s easy to see why Harry felt more than up for the task of travelling throughout different destinations with hard deadlines, but what was more stressful - travelling with mum Emma or with the rest of the band? 

“Travelling with McFly is very different,” Harry continued. “We want comfort, nice hotels and stuff. So but I mean, my mum was an easy travel companion. She's so upbeat and positive. 

“We weren't getting much sleep, and we were hungry and tired, but she never complained, which was kind of annoying, because I sometimes find that moaning is a good way of getting through life. But I suppose if my mom's not complaining, I can't complain.”

He added: “She's just so positive. That really helped. It's really hard to compare. I think certainly Race Across The World was more of a challenge.”

Harry has joined forces with Yotel to provide travellers with tips on beating jet lag, with around one in four of us choosing not to fly off to international destinations out of fear of being left fatigued. 

On what he does to combat the often debilitating tiredness, Harry revealed: “Power naps are good. Then on the flight, you'll see a lot of people using these but get yourself a neck pillow or any sort of pillow, eyemask, earplugs. You might look like a diva, but you need the sleep on the flight to get you ready. Also for me, staying hydrated and getting out doing some exercise, even when you feel like it's the last thing you want to do. 

“As you get moving, blood starts flowing. Exercising, getting out and walking can actually be quite energising so if anyone's about to go travelling over Easter or summer, just trust me, give it a go.”

The new series of Race Across the World premieres on Wednesday 10th April, 9pm on BBC One and BBC iPlayer.