The Apprentice's SHOCK latest fired candidate opens up about 'heartbreaking' departure

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29 Mar 2024, 12:59

Lord Sugar and The Apprentice 2024 candidates

Credit: BBC

Maura Rath, the second of last night (28 March)’s two candidates to be fired from The Apprentice, has opened up about the “heartbreak” of leaving the show.

Speaking exclusively with, yoga company owner Maura admitted that like her fellow episode nine fired candidate Raj Chohan, she was very shocked to be one of the candidates who was asked to leave by Lord Sugar.

“I was like ‘Really?’” the contestant admitted. “I’d had two incredibly tasks, you know. From a win on task seven, and then on task eight I’d done really well… so I was really shocked to be honest.”

But for Maura, it turned out the end of the road was marked by a rather chaotic and loud appearance on TV during the show’s famous live shopping task.

While the business owner admitted her her time on television was “a little bit erratic” and that she “maybe crossed the line” with her yelling which drew complains from the shopping channel’s viewers, she still “doesn’t know how” it ended up being her being fired.

“I was just really confused… after having had a kind of comeback after a couple of losses and showed what I could do, and you know. Lord Sugar really likes passionate people. So I was a bit heartbroken. I’m still a bit heartbroken,” she said.

In Maura’s opinion, Phil should have been fired instead of her, because him and Flo’s dropping of the teams’ prices led to them not making as much money as they could have done, and disobeyed project manager Raj’s orders.

And of course, Phil was also in Maura’s firing line as a result of how he’s shocking still yet to manage to win a single task during his time on the show. 

“He’s a cat with nine lives!” the yoga expert joked. “[But] maybe that was his ninth life that he just used,” she shared.

Maura’s prediction that Phil’s miraculous time on the show might be up soon certainly may come to be, as Lord Sugar has now given him the ultimatum that unless he leads and wins the next task, his time on the show is over.

The Apprentice continues on BBC One and BBC iPlayer on Thursdays at 9pm.