Nick Mohammed reveals how filming Ted Lasso season three affected his and Louisa Harland's Renegade Nell scenes

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29 Mar 2024, 14:59

Louisa Harland and Nick Mohammed on the Renegade Nell red carpet and Nick as Nate in Ted Lasso

Credit: Getty/AppleTV+

Nick Mohammed has revealed he was filming for Ted Lasso season three when the majority of Renegade Nell was shot.

The actor, comedian, and current Taskmaster contestant stars in the new Disney+ show as the sprite Billy Bragg, Nell Jackson (Louisa Harland)’s very helpful superpowered friend.

In Renegade Nell, Nell and Billy star in many scenes together as the courageous young woman sets off on an adventure to clear her name of a wrongful murder charge and save the nation from a plot to overthrow the crown in the process.

However, as Mohammed explained to at the series’ world premiere in London earlier this week, he and Harland did not in fact shoot any scenes together.

Explaining that the pair had spent “zero time” on set together, Mohammed said: “So everything was filmed separately, often, like, months apart.

“I was actually filming the end of Ted Lasso season three when they were filming most of Nell,” he admitted. “So yeah, I came in at the end… so that was a challenge, but you know - a welcome one.”

Also speaking with on the Borough Marked-based blue carpet, the show’s director Ben Taylor revealed the comic had not even been cast as Billy when they shot the first two episodes.

“We didn’t know who was playing Billy [then],” Taylor shared. “So we had people reading in and Louisa’s performance was against like, the classic sort of tennis ball on a stick, [but] amazing and convincing.

“[Nick and Louisa] were never in the same space as each other, but they somehow thank God had this chemistry that is just to die for,” the director added. “Because they’re both funny actors… I think they were able to predict and find this sort of rhythm and banter between each other that really worked well.”

Renegade Nell is available to watch now on Disney+.