R&B legend Jade Jones reveals he is back on the road with Damage 

Virgin Radio

14 Apr 2024, 14:08

Jade Jones (left) Andy Goldstein (right)

Credit: Getty

Jade Jones has revealed he will be back on tour with Damage this year. 

After achieving success in the 90s with hits like Forever, Damage, which consisted of Jones, Rahsaan J Bromfield, Andrez Harriott, and Noel Simpson, officially split in 2002. 

The band reunited briefly in 2013 and does the occasional gig here and there. However, Jade Jones has now revealed they will return for a tour later this year with another group of 90s icons. 

Speaking to Andy Goldstein on Virgin Radio UK, Jones explained: “We’re doing a tour. We’re going on the road with the legends that are Boyz II Men. We’re playing Wembley with them this month on the 19th. We’ve got two shows in Wembley, the Manchester Arena and Birmingham, and then, in November, [Damage] is doing our own little tour.”

Despite still playing in massive venues like Wembley, Jade said that everything was a bit different this time around, and he enjoys his career more than ever before because it’s more relaxed. 

He added: “Doing it now, it’s way more fun. We’re not trying to be famous; we’ve done that, and now we’re just enjoying it.

“When you’re young, you’re trying to make it, you're pulling out all the stops. You’re doing whatever you can to make a name for yourself. But we did that in the 90s, and now we’re just doing a nostalgic thing and having a really great time without any pressures.”

Jade is also married to another 90s pop icon, Emma Bunton, AKA Baby Spice. The pair have been together for more than 20 years and tied the knot in 2021. 

When Andy asked Jade whether they ever sang together in the house, Jade joked, “We’re like the Von Traps.”

He added: “Actually, we have a track on our second album and that was a track called I Don't Know. It was brilliant. It's lovely. Like back in the day, just to do something with your wife, well she wasn't my wife back then. But it was just great to perform and do gigs and stuff, and sometimes she pops on stage with Damage and has a little sing-a-long.”