Ryan Reynolds plays hilarious birthday prank on Rob McElhenney as Wrexham co-owner turns 47

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14 Apr 2024, 14:59

Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney

Credit: Getty

Ryan Reynolds has issued a hilarious birthday message to his friend and Wrexham co-owner Rob McElhenney. 

In a video posted to X (formerly Twitter), this morning (14th April), Ryan Reynolds pays tribute to the actor with a funny video that parodies the Titanic movie. 

Reynolds appears dressed in his iconic Deadpool outfit and says: “Today is April 14, the birthday of my beloved co-chairman Mr Rob McElhenney. It also happens to be the day the Titanic went down.”

He goes on to joke that he financed an expedition to the ocean floor to recover some Wrexham lager- which, interestingly, was actually served on-board the Titanic. Reynolds reveals they didn’t find the lager, but they did find an image of McElhenney posing topless while wearing a heart necklace, just like Rose did in the 1997 film directed by James Cameron. 

Just to take it a step further, this image of Rob will be on display at Wrexham’s Ty Pawb gallery. 

The Deadpool actor added: “Please, don’t embarrass him (McElhenney) by going to vistaprint.com/wrexham to purchase a gift and share items customised in all of Rob’s splendour and soft, delicate chest hair. And don’t put it all over social media, nor should you visit the Ty Pawb gallery in Wrexham, where this picture will actually hang among genuine works of art. Just do as I am - simply wish Rob a happy birthday. We’ll see you in League One."

Rob and Ryan having been finding ways to prank each other for their birthdays every year.

It all started in 2022, when Ryan dedicated a ‘memorial urinal’ to “Robert Lucinda McElhenney”. Things then escalated when Rob presented him with the “Ryan Rodney Reynolds” memorial blimp the same year. 

In 2023, Rob also enlisted Chris Pratt to help him in dedicating a Memorial Park in Wrexham to the Hollywood star. But, Reynolds went a step further and commissioned a song on how to pronounce Rob's surname McElhenney for his birthday last year. The professionally-produced music video also featured a cameo from Philadelphia Eagles center Jason Kelce.