I was on The Traitors and here's how the show gave me a purpose in life again

Virgin Radio

20 May 2024, 11:40

Traitors star Andrew Jenkins

Credit: BBC / Headway

The Traitors 2024 finalist Andrew Jenkins has opened up about how the show impacted his life for the better. 

Fans watched on as the motivational speaker made it all the way to the end, having experienced life as a Faithful, a Traitor and a finalist. Despite making it to the last roundtable, Andrew failed to convince Faithful Mollie to eliminate eventual winner Harry Clarke in the nail-biting final, and Andrew eventually went home with nothing. 

Andrew’s story on The Traitors gripped viewers from the beginning, after he revealed his brush with death 24 years ago in a nearly-fatal car crash. 



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The Welsh star was in a coma for four weeks, with his family being told that if he woke up, there was a chance he would never walk, talk or recognise his loved ones again. 

Despite all the odds, Andrew made a miraculous recovery, and while he admitted to “struggling for many years” with physical injuries and mental health struggles, he told virginradio.co.uk that appearing on The Traitors helped to give him a brand new perspective on life. 

During the candid chat, Andrew revealed: “I suffered with my self esteem, my moods, moods were really up and down and volatile. I suffered massively with my mental health. 

“It’s only been in the last three or four years, I've been in a really, really good place in my life now that I want to give back. I want to change the world, I will change the world. I want to speak to as many people as possible in order to spread the word and show people you can have a trauma in life, suffer severe mental illness, you can look a different way with a scar, and you can turn your life around and achieve great things.”

That drive to reach new people with his inspirational story came after his time on The Traitors, which has given Andrew his “purpose in life again.”

He continued: “I was brought up thinking about job titles, good money, big houses, nice cars, pretty girlfriend, but I still felt empty inside. Every couple of months or weeks, I'd say to myself, ‘What is wrong with you?’ If somebody was looking at my life on the outside, they’d want what I got, but I still felt empty.

“Now, I've got a fire in my belly, I got a purpose in life again. I get a bit emotional sometimes when I talk about it. These corporate jobs that I had? Who cares? If people want to do that, that's fine, but find a purpose in your life and go after your dream. What do you want to do? What is your purpose in life? Now I've got my purpose in life, I feel whole and complete inside. I feel more powerful now and stronger than I ever have in my life.”

Andrew is the face of charity Headway’s Action for Brain Injury Week 2024, which kicked off today (20th May), and the TV star is keen to spread the message about what’s possible following a major life trauma. 

“I think awareness should be raised about it,” he shared. “Obviously the side-effects, not just for the people suffering the brain injury, but also the families and the carers who support them, as well as obviously a big strain on them, which people don't really take into account.

“It’s not just the physical side of things, but also the emotional effects of it afterwards as well, which I struggled with for 20-odd years. So it's really important, and we can all live a life and a happy life, I suppose. There should be much more awareness to be raised around, it's really going in the right direction but a lot of work needs to be done.”