How Fleetwood Mac’s Rumours shaped Cate Blanchett’s latest film

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20 May 2024, 12:58

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Cate Blanchett reveals the influence behind her latest film, Rumours, drawing inspiration from Fleetwood Mac's iconic album

Cate Blanchett is no stranger to the spotlight, but her latest project, Rumours, is making waves for more than just its star-studded cast.

At this year’s Cannes Film Festival, the actress confirmed that her upcoming dark comedy film, Rumours, was named after the classic Fleetwood Mac album. Now, that’s something to get excited about!



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Co-directed by the eccentric Guy Maddin and the talented Johnson brothers, Evan and Galen, Rumours aims to satirise the G7 summit with a twist.

Blanchett is set to portray the German Chancellor, bringing her usual gravitas and charm to the role.

Joining her is Ex Machina star Alicia Vikander as the Secretary-General of the European Commission, and the ever-dignified British icon Charles Dance as the US president.

Talk about a lineup that’s as catchy as a Fleetwood Mac riff!

The film premiered earlier this week at Cannes, receiving a standing ovation that lasted nearly six minutes.

It seems like Rumours is already spinning out some good vibes. During a press conference at the prestigious festival, Blanchett spilled the beans about the film’s intriguing title.

“I did confirm something with Galen last night,” she recalled, “and it’s weird that it never came up in rehearsal, which is: ‘Why the hell is this movie called Rumours?'”

Blanchett’s husband went on to inquire whether it was inspired by the Fleetwood Mac album of the same name, released in 1977, which Johnson confirmed.

So there you have it, folks—straight from the queen herself!

Fleetwood Mac’s Rumours is an album that truly defines an era.

Forged in the crucible of the band’s notorious internal conflicts and lavish lifestyles, the record boasts some of their most iconic tracks, including the biting ‘Go Your Own Way,’ the dreamy ‘Dreams,’ and the powerful ‘The Chain.’

The making of the album was legendary for its creative tensions and personal upheavals, making it an apt inspiration for a film drenched in political satire and high-stakes drama.

When it came time to choose a title for the film, directors Guy Maddin and the Johnson brothers found themselves drawn to Rumours for its rich backstory. The album’s production was infamous for the interpersonal strife and romantic entanglements that beset the band.

“Rumours the album was famously creatively fraught and everyone was sleeping with each other,” Johnson revealed.

“So it made sense to us.” With a production history as tumultuous and riveting as that of Rumours, the title was a perfect fit for the film's intense narrative.

Surprisingly, the choice of title never raised any eyebrows. “No one questioned it,” Johnson shrugged. “We thought people, producers, and financiers, would be like, ‘Why Rumours?’ But no one ever questioned it, so it just made the title.”

Clearly, the resonance of the album’s name struck a chord with everyone involved, much like the music itself.

The excitement doesn’t stop there for Cate Blanchett enthusiasts.

The ever-talented actress is also set to grace the screen in Eli Roth’s highly anticipated adaptation of the video game Borderlands, slated for release later this summer.

With a cast brimming with stars such as Jack Black, Kevin Hart, and Jamie Lee Curtis, Blanchett will step into the shoes of the lead character, Lilith.

Whether she’s exploring the far reaches of the galaxy or navigating the murky waters of political intrigue, Blanchett continues to demonstrate her unparalleled versatility and charisma.

As for Rumours, the film has yet to announce a wide release date, but the buzz is already electric.

The film follows in a growing trend of 70s music inspiring new films and tv shows, in fact some believe that recent rock and roll Amazon Prime show, Daisy Jones & the Six, was also inspired by band during their Rumours era.

Audiences would appear to not be able to stop thinking about yesterday rather tomorrow, when it comes to picking what they want to watch.

Blending political satire with dark comedy and paying homage to one of rock’s most legendary albums, Rumours promises to be a cinematic journey as memorable as a Fleetwood Mac classic.

Keep your eyes peeled, because just like the album it’s named after, this film is set to create a major impact.