Will Smith and Martin Lawrence gush about their 30-year Bad Boys friendship

Virgin Radio

4 Jun 2024, 09:48

Will Smith and Martin Lawrence smiling and as cops Mike and Marcus in Bad Boys

Credit: Virgin Radio/Rex

Will Smith and Martin Lawrence have opened up about their 30-year friendship ahead of the release of their fourth Bad Boys film.

Speaking with FM104 on the topic of Bad Boys: Ride or Die, Smith explained how reuniting to work on the fourth movie was “a great experience” simply because it meant he and Lawrence were returning to work together 30 years after they first became friends and colleagues through the franchise.

In Bad Boys: Ride or Die, Miami cops Mike Lowrey (Smith) and Marcus Burnett (Lawrence) reunite to investigate corruption within their own Miami Police Department after their late Captain, Conrad Howard (Joe Pantoliano), is accused of being involved with the Romanian Mafia.



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Celebrating being able to reunite to work on another Bad Boys film with Lawrence, Smith said: “It’s a spectacular gift and an honour… It’s a beautiful thing.”

Returning the praise, Lawrence gushed: “I enjoy every day that we work together and the scenes we put together, and when they come out magical… you can’t beat it.”

Smith also opened up during the interview about how he is always inspired by watching Lawrence at work on set. “He’s like this beautiful artistic occurrence,” the actor shared. “It’s like watching a flower open or a volcano erupt, depending on the scene.”

On the topic of their fourth Bad Boys film, the Fresh Prince of Bel Air lead shared: “Of all the things I’ve ever done in my career, this is one that I’m truly, truly proud of.”

During their chat with FM104, Smith and Lawrence discussed one of the film’s scenes which is shot to look like a first-person shooter game.

The pair revealed that in order to get the scene filmed, the Men in Black star wore a camera on his chest and acted out the scene. “When I tell you, this was the heaviest - I couldn’t do it, my back would have said ‘No, you just can’t handle that!’” Lawrence joked.

“It looks magnificent when you see it,” Smith said, justifying why he’d put up with shooting the hard to film scene.

Bad Boys: Ride or Die is out in cinemas on Wednesday, 5th June.