Doctor Who fans in tears after 'heartbreaking' ending to latest episode

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9 Jun 2024, 09:42

Doctor Who

Credit: BBC

Doctor Who fans have, once again, praised the BBC show for its latest episode, which was equally heartbreaking as it was heartwarming. 

In the sixth episode of the new series, titled Rogue, Ncuti Gatwa’s Doctor and companion Ruby (Millie Gibson) arrive at a ball in Bath in 1813 and promptly get involved in the celebrations. 

However, the Doctor soon spots a mysterious man watching from a balcony above the ballroom and decides to investigate. 



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We find out the man, played by Jonathan Groff, is called Rogue and is a bounty hunter sent to Earth to track down an alien called a Chuldur that kills people and shape-shifts into an exact replica of them. 

After finding out there is more than one Chuldurs at the ball, the Doctor and Rogue team up to track them down and devise a plan to transport the creatures to a barren dimension from which there is no return.

Throughout the episode, there is no denying the chemistry between the Doctor and Rogue, which fans were quick to pick up on. 

However, disaster strikes when Ruby is accidentally trapped in the transportation device with the Chuldur and the Doctor has to decide whether to save her or the planet. 

Unable to sacrifice his friend, Rogue distracts the doctor with a heartfelt kiss while he pushes Ruby out of the device and takes her place. 

He mouths, “Find me” to the Doctor before pressing the trigger and disappearing. 

The ending had a lot of fans reaching for the tissue box, and many took to social media to share their thoughts. 

One fan wrote on X: “Last night's #DoctorWho was wild, witty, romantic, and heartbreaking, ft. Pride & Prejudice visual references, Whoniverse callbacks, and a premise that's basically sci-fi Austenland from hell. I've been having a blast recapping this season — this might be my favourite episode yet!”

Another said: “This series of Doctor Who has been so good. Did a big horrible sniffle at this week's, it's beautiful and heartbreaking and still hopeful at the end. How does this series about the magical wizard who lives in a phone keep doing this to me?”

A third added: “The way that the new doctor who episode had me fully crying my eyes out, OUCH!”

While a fourth wrote: “[H]aving an openly queer actor playing an openly and visibly and JOYFULLY queer doctor who means absolutely everything to me. to see myself in my childhood hero in such an authentic and positive manner. i'm so genuinely heartwarmed ❤️”.

Doctor Who airs on Saturday at 6.45pm on BBC One. It is available now on BBC iPlayer.