Doctor Who: Where next after THAT divisive finale?

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24 Jun 2024, 11:15

Doctor Who stars Ncuti Gatwa and Millie Gibson as the Fifteenth Doctor and Ruby Sunday

Credit: BBC

Ncuti Gatwa and Millie Gibson’s first series of Doctor Who has come to a close with a divisive series finale, leaving fans wondering - what next?

Last Saturday (22nd June)’s episode Empire of Death featured several surprising twists, including the reveal (SPOILERS!) that Ruby’s very mysterious mother was in fact just another regular human.

This surprising turn of events, alongside the Doctor’s resolution to the episode’s main plotline which involved the return of his old enemy Sutekh, left fans divided about whether the show’s fourteenth series (also known as season one worldwide) was a success.



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And with Ruby having chosen to stay on Earth to get to know her new extended family better, the future of the show to some might feel a little tragic as Gatwa’s Fifteenth Doctor set off to travel through time and space alone once more.

Thankfully for viewers, the BBC have already revealed several things about the future of Doctor Who, including how the Doctor will have his spirits lifted by new friendly faces very soon.

Doctor Who will return at the end of this year for a Steven Moffat penned Christmas special which has been termed by the showrunner Russell T Davies as its “maddest ever”, and which will star Bridgerton and Derry Girls lead Nicola Coughlan as a one-off companion for Gatwa’s beloved Time Lord.

It’s also already been confirmed that 2025 will see the release of another eight episode series of the popular sci-fi show, most of which if not all has already been filmed.

Millie Gibson will be returning to the series at some point in season two of the show, although the how and why of this is being kept under wraps for now.

But joining her as another new companion of the Fifteenth Doctor will be Andor and Doctor Who series 14 star Varada Sethu, who was spotted out and about South Wales filming for series 15 with Ncuti Gatwa earlier this year.

Details about who Sethu will be playing have yet to be released, but it’s not expected that her role will be connected to Mundy Flynn, the character she played in the most recent season episode Boom.

“I first worked with Varada on a BBC production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream, and it’s a joy to welcome her onboard the Tardis,” Russell T Davies gushed when the actress and Millie Gibson’s roles in season two were officially revealed.

“Right now in the studio, shooting for 2025, we’ve got Ncuti, Millie and Varada fighting side by side,” he added, teasing: “We need all three, because the stakes are higher than ever.”

Doctor Who will return this Christmas on BBC One and BBC iPlayer.