Eve Best explains how 'Harry Potter party' disturbed House of the Dragon filming

Virgin Radio

24 Jun 2024, 15:10

Eve Best at the House of the Dragon UK premiere and some of the cast of Warner Bros Harry Potter films on set

Credit: Getty/Warner Bros.

Eve Best has opened up about how Harry Potter-themed parties sometimes disturbed filming for House of the Dragon season two.

Speaking with FM104, the Rhaenys Targaryen actress and Corlys Velaryon actor Steve Toussaint revealed how getting into their House of the Dragon costumes ahead of filming series two had a certain school uniform feel.

“It’s like putting something old on, something old and familiar,” Toussaint described, before Best added: “It’s exactly like that! It feels like being on a Hogwarts [set].”



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She then shared: “You know the Dragonstone set… because it’s next door to some Harry Potter- because it’s on the Warner Brothers lot, we were next door.

“They kept having to stop filming,” she recollected. “They kept having to stop filming - in fact we were doing that scene in episode 10 - and there was some kind of Harry Potter party going on next door and they kept having to stopfor sort of long breaks, because there was too much entertainment going on!” Best revealed.

With House of the Dragon’s US distributor HBO planning a Harry Potter TV show reboot in the near future, some might wonder if the actress’ references gives away the fact that the new series has already begun production.

However, it is far more likely that Best was referring to Warner Bros' Leavesden Studios where the Harry Potter set experience is based for tourists, and where productions including some of House of the Dragon are still filmed. 

On the subject of adapting George R. R. Martin’s Game of Thrones prequel for the screen, House of the Dragon’s Ryan Condal recently told virginradio.co.uk: “Our challenge was justifying our existence in a world where Game of Thrones existed. So I think that was the big thing for us coming in.”

Speaking on the green and black carpet at the show’s UK premiere in Leicester Square, he continued: “But the edict that I gave everybody that worked on this show is: 'When in doubt, we just want to make the show that we all want to see as fans and that I personally, specifically want to see as a huge fan of the original show and of the original books.' 

“I think there's a lot of variables that come into the making of this. But whenever you get lost, the compass heading always goes back to: ‘What do I want to see as a fan?’”