The wild way Ringo Starr is celebrating his birthday today

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7 Jul 2024, 08:55

Ringo Starr

Credit: Getty

Ringo Starr is reviving his Peace & Love event for his 84th birthday today, and this year, it’s going into space.

On the 7th July each year since 2008, the Beatles drummer has invited the world to think, say or post the words “peace and love” at noon to complete his birthday wish of a wave of peace and love across the planet.

This year, the main event will be celebrated in Los Angeles, with musical tributes throughout the day from the likes of Diana Warren, Asa & Roy Orbison, Ben Harper, Ben Dickey, Steve Dudas and more. 

Peace & Love events will also be taking place across the globe, including in Australia, New York, Italy, Estonia, Mexico and Spain. There will also be two events here in the UK with one in Liverpool and another in the Abbey Road Institute in London. 

This year is a special one too because NASA will be helping spread the message beyond the atmosphere and into the universe!

Speaking in a video to his fans, Ringo said, “OK, Peace and love, here we go again!

“Thanks for joining me on my birthday. I am so grateful to you all for helping me promote Peace & Love. I want to give special thanks to all the Peace & Love Ambassadors – we are in 34 countries! Thanks for doing it – and I gotta thank all the fans, peace & love – just join me in your mind, or on the bus or wherever you are on the 7th of the 7th just go Peace & Love at Noon your local time.”

Ringo recently completed a spring tour with Ringo and his All Starr Band after releasing and EP, Crooked Boy, in April this year. He also released his eighth book, Beats & Threads, in November 2023, which is a look at the drum kits he used with The Beatles as well as his era-defining fashion over the last 70 years.