Oyez, Oyez! Meet Tony Appleton, Virgin Radio's new official town crier!

Virgin Radio

11 Jul 2016, 15:17

Oyez, Oyez! Did you know today is International Town Criers Day!

To celebrate the fact, Jamie East spoke to famous town crier Tony Appleton, who announced the births of Prince George and Princess Charlotte.

Tony is also Lord of the Manor of Great Baddow, a title for which he paid £10,000 25 years ago. So it's fair to say, he's a bit of a character.

He admitted he blagged his way into his first town crying gig, and also revealed one of the perks of his job is it "allows you to have a market in the village three times a year." And who wouldn't want that, eh?

We're delighted to announce Tony has now agreed to become the official town crier for Virgin Radio, so have a listen to the interview above to see exactly what he thought of that...