Actor Adam Driver on Channing Tatum, Star Wars and Logan Lucky

Virgin Radio

21 Aug 2017, 15:22

Actor Adam Driver has revealed who he'd like to play in if he wasn't Kylo Ren and what props he kept from the set of the film.

Driver is well known for appearing in s and told Edith Bowman that if he could be anyone else in Star Wars he'd be Darth Vader.

He also revealed that he kept a helmet and hilt from the film, and explained that a hilt is a bit like a lightsaber. 

Friday (August 25) sees the release of in which Driver plays Clyde Logan, who teams up with his siblings to steal money.

Channing Tatum also appears in the film and Driver claims "he’s such an easy guy to like" and "there’s no agenda with him, he’s not angling for anything, he’s a brilliant actor.

"We went to hang out at like 4 in the afternoon and wound up going until 4 in the morning."

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