Keith Richards: "It’s hard making a record with a mask on, man"

Virgin Radio

16 Nov 2020, 19:33

It's undoubtedly been a weird year for most of us, and even rock stars have had a strange time of it in 2020. 

The word 'legend' is thrown around casually nowadays, but it absolutely applies to Keith Richards.

He told The Sun: "I was expecting to work a lot this year and I usually get that feeling, ‘OK open the cage!’ I was just about ready when they slammed the door on me.

“It’s been a very strange feeling all round but I’m sure everybody else is affected just as much.

“This is a new one on us all and I’m trying to sit it out. I did manage to squeeze in a session a couple of months ago in New York with (chief Winos collaborator) Steve Jordan but under strictly controlled conditions. It’s hard making a record with a mask on, man.”

He's speaking from his home in the US, and continues: “We’re all connected now, aren’t we? I just hope everybody can keep their pecker up. A vaccine is the most hopeful thing on the horizon but we’ve all had to get used to a bit of ­hardship. We need to take care of each other. A little less selfishness always goes down well.” 

He's clearly had time to raid the archives, as he's releasing a box set of a live recording of his other band, the X-Pensive Winos. It was an iconic show, just before Christmas in 1988. 

The show at the Hollywood Palladium, later released as a live album to beat the boot­leggers is being reissued as boxset as well as CD, vinyl, and digital editions.

He recalls the show well: “I hadn’t listened to it for quite a while and was wonderfully taken aback by what a great little band we were,” he says. “It was a particularly good place to record a live show because it was an old ballroom made of wood.”

Besides this re-issue project, the former hellraiser says he's had a quiet time over the last few months. 

“I’ve been in hiding, basically, hunkering down with the family and a few friends because we have to stay in a bubble, you know" he explains. “I’ve been out to a restaurant with outdoor seating a couple times but now it’s getting a bit chilly so we’re eating in. Thank God the wife’s a good cook, bless her heart!”

Hopefully he stays out of trouble.