How's this for a dream job? Get paid to look at pictures of puppies

Virgin Radio

1 Apr 2021, 15:36

This is truly a dream gig. You could be paid to look at adorable pictures of dogs. 

It's all the brainchild of dog food company ProDog Raw.

They're searching for ten people to help them out with a new study, and you'll get to add the title of Dog Test Subject to your CV.

The firm genuinely wants to pay applicants to scroll through pictures of adorable puppies.

The study has been designed to test whether looking at dogs on social media can relieve stress.

A recent study of theirs found that 73% of Brits prefer to see a picture of a dog or cat rather than someone’s selfie on their social media timelines. Swap selfies for puppy pics instead if you want likes.

If chosen, you will wear a heart rate monitor as you go about your life, but will take hourly breaks to look at a series of pre-prepared dog images.

Your heart rate data will then be collected and analysed by a professional.

You'll also be paid £20 an hour for the day-long study (consisting of six working hours), which means you'll earn £120 by the end of it.

It can also be flexible around an individual’s schedule.

To be eligible you must have a desk-based job, with no activities that may increase your heart rate, so as not to ruin the data.

You must be between 18-60 years old, use social media and have access to a device with the internet.

Heidi Maskelyne, founder of ProDog Raw, said: ‘It is scientifically proven that our pets can relieve stress, but there’s not much research on whether simply looking at a picture of a dog can help calm a person’s mood. 

‘We saw this as a big opportunity to shed some light on the subject and are really excited to see the results, especially when so many people are struggling during these difficult times.’

Fancy taking part? You’ll need to apply before April 30 by completing the application form on the website.