Celebrity drag artist Baga Chipz could be waltzing her way onto Strictly Come Dancing

Virgin Radio

14 Jun 2021, 12:02

Strictly's all about glitz, glamour and ballroom banter - so drag star Baga Chipz would be the perfect candidate for the job. Strictly Come Dancing chiefs are thought to be keen to pin down the queen and have her on the new sparkling line-up. 

Bosses are looking to shake up the dated man/woman dance partnership following the success of last year's same sex couple Nicola Adams and Katya Jones.

A TV insider said: “There’s been a real shift in thinking on this in recent years, with contests having same sex partners appearing more and more.

“But Strictly producers always try to do things a little bit differently, so they want to introduce a drag artist to shake up perceptions even further.

“It could mean that the drag artist in question performs dressed as a man or dressed as a woman – and that’s before considering whether they’re paired up with a male or female pro. There are endless possibilities, all of them exciting.”

BBC Three contest RuPaul’s Drag Race UK is the perfect platform to pick a dancer who will really hit the Strictly spot, so there's interest in both fellow drag artists The Vivienne and Baga Chipz.

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