If you need a drink to cool down, people are loving Nutella cold brew coffee

Virgin Radio

14 Jun 2021, 14:54

If you're a coffee lover but can't face the hot stuff in all this sunny weather, how about this trend?

First, it seemed like Biscoff was stealing the show but now Nutella is getting in on the action, too.

If you fancy something different for your caffeine fix, how about Nutella cold brew coffee?

It's the latest trend on TikTok, and we have @caffeinication to thank.

So what's it made of?

You'll need to get your hands on some Nutella, milk, ice and cream. Seems simple enough!

The first step is to half fill a glass with ice. Next, mix together warm milk and as much Nutella as you fancy.

The creators use a heaped teaspoon, but it's a personal thing.

Once the Nutella has melted into the warm milk, pour it over the ice. Next, add in your coffee/espresso shot.

Top with cream and some extra ice if you want to make it colder.

One TikTok fan wrote: "Omg I am running to the supermarket to get the ingredients and make this deliciousness!"

If you can't let go of Biscoff though, there are iced latte's with that flavour too.

To try that version, microwave your Biscoff spread for around 10 seconds to warm it up and then add the hot espresso to the Biscoff mixture, then add ice and milk or cream.

What's not to love?

Sweet tooth coffee lovers, you'll be in heaven.