Dick and Dom could be returning to TV after 20 years with new adult gameshow

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14 Jun 2021, 15:39

Remember Dick and Dom in da Bungalow? If you were watching kids' TV back in 2002 to 2006 then you probably do. The daft comedy duo of the noughties might be making a comeback to the small screen with a programme definitely not for the youngsters. 

Based on their hit podcast Cash From Chaos, the former childrens' TV presenters and BAFTA-winners Richard McCoury and Dominic Wood are hoping to capture the imaginations of their original fans who are now grown-up.

They'll still be playing silly games against a live studio audience - but with their earnings up for grabs.

According to the Mirror, Richard said: “We’ve been moving to that millennial generation – the kids that grew up with us.

“Cash From Chaos is basically a game show, so the audience tries to win what we’ve been paid.

“They play games against us to try and win our money. It went really well. We’re going to start running in the pilots for it, so fingers crossed.”


Credit: Getty

Richard added: “Kids still play Bogies nowadays and people shout it at us all the time. I think we are on the third generation of kids growing up.

“The kids that have grown up with Dick and Dom in Da Bungalow are between 25 and 35, so they’ve had kids and are teaching their kids Bogies.

“I’ll be in the supermarket and you can see them egg their kids on to shout bogies."

The duo are also appearing at our Chris Evans' festival later this August and you can find them DJing - not in da Bungalow - but in da CarFest.